Models and Specifications

Models and Specifications


The new JD-1400E-II series began production in 2019. Keeping with the tradition of the JD-1400E series, we utilize a simple design and industry proven components for the new JD-1400E-II. Its affordable price point offers an economical yet dependable alternative to overpaying for the technology you don’t need in today’s competitive market.

In recent years, rock drills that have entered the market have become increasingly too advanced and complicated to be maintained, and serviced by owner/operators regularly. The Rock Commander defies this trend. Along with the increased production and ease of operation, The Rock Commander JD-1400E-II is offered at a very competitive price when compared to other existing drill options in North America.

The JD-1400E-II Rock Commander can drill deep holes from 3.5 to 5 inches (89 to 127mm) in diameter with fast drilling rates and low maintenance cost. The JD-1400E-II is powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine, with the new larger GHH Rand Compressor and the YH135 Drifter. The drill powers its way through the rock, increasing your bottom line. The new larger cab design, with a tilt console, makes the operator more comfortable to help improve the overall productivity.

Through our customer input, we improved the JD-1400E to develop the JD-1400E-II series. Our customer input is the driving factor for the Rock Commander series.

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The newest member of the Rock Commander family is the JD-800E-II . Sharing the majority of its components with the JD-1400E-II, the JD-800E-II is a smaller but extremely capable machine that is incredibly affordable. This version of the Rock Commander shares the larger cab design and tilt console.

The JD-800E-II can operate with T45 or T51 drill steel. The hole diameter ranges from 2.75 inches up to 4 inches (70mm to 102mm). The Cummins QSB6.7 provides plenty of power for operating the hydraulics, compressor, and the tested and proven YH80A drifter.

The price point on the JD-800E-II makes it the clear choice for construction and development contractors that need to drill a mid-size hole without breaking the bank. The parts availability is excellent and shares the majority of its key components with the JD-1400E and the JD-1400E-II Rock Commanders.

These units are available for sale and rental. Ask about our desirable rent-to-own option. Call today to add this unit to your fleet.

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Soosan America’s non-cab Rock Commander is the JD-800ENC. The Rock Commander’s design delivers Soosan’s Keep It Simple Solutions (KISS) engineering.

The heart of the JD-800ENC is the time tested and proven YH80A Drifter. The power for JD-800ENC comes from a Cummins powerpack, which provides ample power for the Kawasaki pumps and air compressor. Using reliable components keeps downtime to a minimum and keeps the operator drilling. Both low initial investment and low maintenance cost keep your bottom line down where it should be.

The JD-800ENC offers versatility and configuration in several ways. The 20 foot starter steel is available, or you can order your JD-800ENC with a mast starting at 14 foot starter steel. The latest option is the 14 foot starter steel offering a rod changer. Additional options include a rear outrigger and a powerful winch to handle the roughest terrain.

The JD-800ENC is the most straightforward unit to operate in the Rock Commander line and is perfect for your first drill. The JD-800ENC is versatile enough to add to your existing fleet for those jobs requiring a non-cab machine.

Call today and add the JD800ENC to your drilling fleet.

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Soosan America LLC was formed to bring simple, productive and reliable rock drilling solutions to the North American market. Our goal is to give drillers and producers an opportunity to have a reliable product at a very low cost.