Drills at Work

Drills at Work

The Rock Commander line of rock drills from Soosan America LLC continues its strong penetration in the North American drilling market. With many units working across the United States, and more units on the way, the Rock Commander line of drills is poised to be a major player in the near future, according to the company. The reliability, ease of maintenance, parts availability and reasonable price make the units easy to own, operate and maintain for anyone, from an owner-operator to a major quarry or construction operation.

Industry tested and proven core components make up the heart of the Rock Commander JD-1400E-II. The power is supplied by the 9.0 liter Cummins engine. The Kawasaki pumps, manufactured to precise specifications, are an industry standard and customers can rely on the GHH Rand 490 CFM compressor. Finally, the industry proven and powerful Yamamoto drifters enable customers to put more holes in the rock while being simple and relatively inexpensive to maintain.

The Rock Commanders design is straightforward and simple. Drilling computers and expensive PLC units are nowhere to be found on the Rock Commander. Its proven systems can be maintained without the need for technicians with computers and long delays waiting for electronic parts.

The customer’s needs are the foremost concern of Soosan America LLC. The JD-1400E-II continues its success with several customers ordering additional units to update their fleets. Options for the JD-1400E-II include water suppression, YH135 or YH80A Drifter, and a longer mast length option, which is also being developed for future units. Utilizing these options, customers can tackle just about any drilling job.

Soosan America LLC was formed to bring simple, productive and reliable rock drilling solutions to the North American market. Our goal is to give drillers and producers an opportunity to have a reliable product at a very low cost.